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Crime in Toronto

Crime in Toronto

On the whole, Toronto is remarkably safe and the streets are vibrant with pedestrians and bicyclists, even at night in most neighbourhoods. If you use common sense, you should have no trouble at all: don't walk around alone late at night and be aware of your surroundings. Avoid the club/entertainment district at closing time, as fights between drunken patrons do occur, rarely escalating to where weapons become involved. Police have recently increased their presence in the club district (Richmond St area) to limit problems, but caution is still advised. There are few (if any) violence issues around hipster areas. Toronto's downtown core has a series of safe, underground interconnected shopping centres called the PATH. These are frequently used by locals and tourists to escape harsh weather while comfortably navigating the core. Be aware; the PATH system, while very safe, is somewhat confusing, and is largely abandoned and shuttered after business hours and on weekends. Refer frequently to the posted maps or ask a security guard or store clerk for directions as needed. The overall violent crime rate in Canada, and particularly in Toronto, is much lower than that found in major cities the United States. Petty crime is generally not a problem in Toronto, but as always is the case, keep vigilant with your possessions. One exception to relatively low crime rates is that both car and bike theft are comparable to other large North American cities. There are, of course, neighbourhoods which are known in the media and on the street as being more dangerous, though police statistics are not commonly used to justify these beliefs. Nevertheless, while assaults and other crimes can happen anywhere, especially late at night when few people are around, it is reasonable advice to avoid certain areas (again, generally late at night). These areas include in the old city and inner bouroughs: Crescent Town, Regent Park, parts of Parkdale, parts of St. Jamestown, Moss Park, Alexandra Park, Flemingdon Park/Victoria Village and Weston-Mount Dennis. Outer areas: Jane and Finch ("Jane Corridor"), Lawrence Heights, the Peanut (ie. Don Mills and Sheppard), Rexdale/Jamestown, Malvern, Kingston-Galloway, Steeles-L’Amoureaux, Dorset Park, Westminster-Branson and Eglinton East-Kennedy Park. It is advised to simply stay away from any "housing projects", slums, and other dodgy looking areas. Drugs, prostitution and violent crime do occur. The good thing is these neighbourhoods become noticeably worse from a visual standpoint, giving the casual tourist ample time to turn around. Armed robbery occurs rarely and mainly in poor neighbourhoods at odd hours.

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