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Events and festivals in Muar

Events and festivals in Muar

  • Johor Sultan's Birthday - will be celebrated on 22nd November every year to commemorate the birthday of the new Sultan who just succeded the throne. Cultural activities, fishing competition, duck catching competition at Tanjung Emas Park. Muslim Tahlil and Thanks-Giving Prayers at the main mosque. Guard of Honour parade and Swear of Allegiance Ceremony in the morning at the Dewan Jubli Intan. Tel�:06-9521021
  • Malaysia National Day - celebrated on 31st August every year, the national independance day. Cultural and entertainment show and fireworks will be on display on the eve of celebration at Tanjung Emas Park. A celebration parade by the government agencies, uniform bodies, political entities and private organisation in the early morning of celebration. All celebration mostly held at the Dataran Tanjung Emas square and park vicinity. Tel�:06-9521021
  • Chap Goh Mei's "Puak Tau Sai"(博豆狮) - celebration on the last day of Chinese New Year festival, on the 15th day of first lunar month of Chinese calendar (around February). Drove of Taoism devotees will throng to congregate to pray at the Kerng Tang Kou Bioh(粤东古庙) temple and to observe a traditional Teochew custom, called "Puak Tau Sai"(博豆狮) where devotees seek the divine deity’s blessing for the new year to obtain home the “peanut lions”(Chinese guardian lion statues made of sugar and peanut) but to repay back the “peanut lions” statues to the deity and temple the next coming year in double the number of statues they obtained. The quest to obtain the “peanut lions” will be decided through the “toss of the victory cups”(博胜杯) to ascertain the divine’s will of the deity. Tel�:012-2510338
  • San Cai Deity's Birthday - celebrated on the 23rd day of the 1st moon of the Chinese lunar calendar(around March) every year by Taoism devotees for the divine Taoist deity San Cai Yeah's(善才爷) birthday at the San Cai Yeah Temples, Parit Unas which is very famous and revered among the locals and Singaporeans devotees.
  • Nine Emperors Gods' Birthday - celebrated from the 1st day to the 9th day of the 9th moon of the Chinese lunar calendar(around October/November) every year by vegetarian Taoism devotees for the Taoism deities Kiu Ong Yeah's (Nine Emperors'){九皇爷) birthday. During the 10 days celebration, Chinese opera theatre, interesting colourful religion ceremonies, fire crossing ceremony, knife ladder climbing ceremony by mediums and devotees will be held at the 2 main Taoism temples; Jalan Bentayan's Tao Tian Keng (斗天宫) temple and Jalan Arab's Tao Boo Keng (斗母宫) temple. Celebration peaks with grand colourful procession on the 8th day morning and 9th day evening at the town centre. A "send-off" ceremony will be held at the Tanjung Emas river side on the 10th day marking the end of the celebration.

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