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Malay Food in Johor Bahru

Malay Food in Johor Bahru

If you can get up early in the morning there are 2 different types of 'roti canai' that you may try out in Johor that should not be available in other states. 'Roti canai' is a flat piece of fried dough that is served with different types of curries depending on your mood. One is located near the new Complex Immigration and Quarantine building near Kim Teng Park. This version is very thick and extra crispy and the chili paste that comes with it is to die for. It is advisable to ask for directions first as it is only accessible by car. The other 'roti canai' is located at Century Garden near the Honda showroom in front of the MAA building. These are tiny, light and fluffy versions of the original 'roti canai' and it comes with a small bowl of savory sardine-mixture to go with it. Both are reasonably priced and you should not miss it.
  • Restoran Banafee. Jalan Datuk Abdullah Tahir (across the street from the New York Hotel, beside a car wash outlet). It is housed in an open-air shed and serves mostly local cuisine. Prices of selected items: nasi ayam penyet 7 RM, nasi daging penyek 7 RM, pecel lele (Indonesian-style grilled catfish) 6 RM, nasi goreng 3.50 RM, nasi goreng ayam 6 RM, mee rebus 3.50 RM, murtabak ayam or murtabak daging 5 RM, nasi lemak kosong 2 RM, nasi lemak telur ayam 5 RM, chicken or beef satay set 6 RM, mutton satay set 7 RM, cooked vegetables 3 or 3.50 RM, tom yam 4.50 to 6 RM, soups 4.50 to 6 RM, roti kosong 0.80 RM, roti jala 3 RM, chicken or beef burger 2.70 RM, chicken or beef burger special 3.30 RM, teh o 1 RM (with ice 1.30 RM), teh tarik 1.20 RM (with ice 1.50 RM), bandung 1.50 RM (with ice 1.80 RM), apple or orange juice 2 RM (with ice 2.50 RM). There is no government tax or service charge. Open 24 hrs.
  • Restoran ZZ. 20B Jalan Sungai Chat (tel: 07 224 0417.) It is at the end of this road, and just before the start of Jalan Mahmoodiah, behind the Sultanah Aminah Hospital, only 200m east of the Thistle Hotel. Popular low-key eatery serving Malay and Thai dishes, with a total of 60 items on its menu. Prices of selected dishes - breakfast(13 items): roti kosong 0.80 RM, roti john 2.50 RM, mee or nasi goreng with telur 2.50 RM, laksa johor penang 3.50 RM, murtabak 4 RM, nasi lemak 2.50 or 4 RM, lontong 2.50 or 4 RM; lunch(23 items): nasi ayam 3.50 RM, ikan bakar 4 to 8 RM, nasi briyani ayam 5.50 RM, nasi briyani daging 5.50 RM, nasi briyani kambing 7 RM, ayam penyet 6.50 RM; dinner (18 items): mee bandung 4 RM, nasi lemak kukus 4 RM, mee wantan 4 RM, mee tomyam 4 RM, ikan bakar 5 RM, nasi beriani gam kambing 7 RM; all meals: nasi daging 4 RM; black coffee or tea 1 RM, coffee or tea with milk 1.20 RM, air buah 2.50 RM. Besides ordering full-plate or full-bowl dishes (different menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner), you can also get servings from the more than 20 dishes on the buffet counters (self-service) - you will be charged accordingly for each of these servings. There is no government tax or service charge. No air-con, seating capacity for about 100 persons. Open daily (0630 to 2300 Mon-Fri, 0630 to 1600 Sat-Sun).
  • Mee Rebus Stulang. k21 Selera Johor Johore Delights Food Court, beside Plaza Larkin (since late 2010) and across the road from the Larkin bus terminal, Jalan Geruda, Johor Bahru, 80350. This Malay-operated mee rebus outlet used to operate out of a van, with tables and chairs underneath a large shade, at the car park behind the gray Open University (Universiti Terbuka Malaysia) building. It costs RM3.50 for the normal ('biasa') plate, RM4.00 for the large ('besar') plate and RM5.00 for the special plate which has toppings of boiled prawns and mushrooms. Open Mon-Sun 08:00-22:00 hrs
  • Nasi Lemak Senibong. Located in Kampung Senibong, it has been serving one of the best Nasi Lemak in Johor Bahru. Costing RM4 per plate, it costs of coconut flavoured rice, chicken (comes in three flavours), an egg and sambal (traditional malay chili sauce).
  • Dann's Cafe. at Taman Daya. A popular place for good Johor Laksa, Hyderabad Beryani Rice, Mee Siam Kuah, they also serve wacky mock tails. Ask for what special there and a guarantee of a good time.

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